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Nordost Leif Blue Heaven Tonearm Cable

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The tonearm lead is one of the most critical audio cables in an analog system. The fragile nature of the signals it carries demands a purpose-built, low capacitance conduit, in order to maximize the authentic and natural musical reproduction that LPs offer.

The Blue Heaven Tonearm Cable + uses a twisted pair cable design to create a left and right channel, which are individually shielded in order to eliminate inter-channel crosstalk. It also employs a separately shielded, silver-plated bond wire, wrapped in Micro Mono-Filament, which runs alongside the left and right channel to help minimize noise from the line. However, the most exciting aspect of this cable design is its revolutionary grounding solution. Nordost has introduced detachable, silver-plated ground whips, complete with Micro Mono-Filament technology, to further enhance this groundbreaking cable. These ground whips completely eliminate any noise that could be introduced during signal transfer, regardless of the unique construction of the components found in each individual sound system.

Fully manufactured and terminated in the USA

• Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) insulation

• 4 x 28 AWG Silver plated 99.9999% OFC Solid Core

Conductors: 2 Twisted pairs individually shielded

• 24 AWG silver-plated, stranded OFC bond wire w/ Micro Mono-

Filament design

• 24 AWG silver-plated, stranded OFC removable ground whips

w/ Micro Mono-Filament design

• Capacitance: 15.13pF/ft (49.5pF/m)

• Velocity of Propagation: 74%

• Overall Shield Coverage: 97%

• Tonearm cables are available with straight MoonGlo  DIN,

RCA, or XLR connectors. Standard model numbers reflect a

straight MoonGlo  DIN to RCA.

Size BHTA+1.25M, BHTA+1.75M, BHTA+2.25M, BHTA+2.75M, BHTA+3.25M, BHTA+3.75M, BHTA+4.25M