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MSB Technology The Select Headphone Amplifier

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The world’s highest level of headphone audio playback

Electrostatic Headphones

With the great variety of headphone choices, it is only possible to achieve the best performance with a single headset in mind.  You can not use the universal headphone amp concept with the Select level of performance.  That is why we have built a dedicated Stax* headphone amp to be paired the the Select DAC.  

Integrated system

The Select Headphone Amplifier has been designed to take advantage of the powerful DAC outputs.  This allows it to achieve a level of headphone playback never heard.  

Analog bypass

If you are sharing the headphones with a two channel system, use an internal bypass in the amp.  Simply turn off the unit for the signal to be sent to your other system.  

Equalization module

A discrete passive equalization module slot is included with the amp.  This allows for slight analog adjustments of the amplifier to accommodate new headphone designs in the future.  This can also be used to tune the system for a user preferences.  

Anodized Finishes

Available in matte silver, matte black, and gold. The gold finish is a light matte anodized gold with plated gold accents.