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MSB Technology Reference Rack

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The Reference Rack is powerful, bold and breathtaking.

Be Transported

Your MSB audio gear deserves a showcase. We’re here to make sure you have one. The Reference Rack seamlessly exhibits your MSB collection for optimal viewing and audio performance. System integration and a unified aesthetic ensure your gear commands any space it’s in. Rack performance is engineered to perfection. Bring on the envy.


Designed to be Heard

Indulge in an audio experience that leaves you breathless. Isolation pads can be attuned to the weight of any MSB product in our collection, guaranteeing optimal performance and dampening for every arrangement. Our silicone-based isolation pads are held in place with stainless steel fittings to ensure simple yet optimized placement.  

Elegance Built to Last

Our shelves are assembled with sandwich-structured composites that maintain internal damping layers made from a specialized extruded polymer, resulting in exceptional energy dissipation and transmission loss. Custom-made silicon isolation pads insulate each shelf, eliminating all micro-phonic effects. Every tube is pre-filled with crushed quartz powder, adding significant rigidity and damping to the aluminum structure itself.  

Optimized Airflow

Specifically designed for MSB’s Reference Collection, cut-outs in the shelves ensure optimal cooling and increased airflow.


Starter Pack

  • 1 Shelf with MSB Badge
  • 1 Brace with Isolator pads
  • 4 Foot Spikes
  • 4 Post Caps
  • Stock Colors: Black and Silver

Standard Expansion Pack

  • 1 Shelf
  • 1 Brace with Isolator pads
  • 4 Standard Expansion Tubes
  • Stock Colors: Black and Silver

Tall Expansion Pack

  • 1 Shelf
  • 1 Brace with Isolator pads
  • 4 Tall Expansion Tubes
  • Stock Colors: Black and Silver

Reference Rack

Rack Width: 27 in (686 mm)
Rack Depth: 20.7 in (527 mm)
Shipping Dimensions: 29 in x 22 in x 5 in 740 mm x 560 mm x 130 mm
Shipping Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg)
Overall Height
Starter Pack: Standard Expansion: Tall Expansion: 5.5 in (140 mm) +7.5 in (+188 mm) +11 in (+278 mm)
Shelf Clearance
Standard Expansion: Tall Expansion: 5.3 in (135 mm) 8.8 in (225 mm)
Shelf Width: 20.6 in (524 mm)
Shelf Depth: 20.6 in (524 mm)