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MBL Audio Noble N21 Stereo Power Amplifier

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Transparency and sovereignty – allows music to flow freely Symmetrical layout for better common mode rejection LASA 2.0 power amplifier – homogeneous tonal balance throughout frequency range Soft Clipping – goes gently into clipping, never aggressive or distorted Analog toroidal transformer with protective shield technology in its MU-metal enclosure 2 x 380 watts (4Ω) power, 28 Amp peak output current 1 balanced XLR Input and 1 floating-balanced RCA input


Inputs- 1 x balanced (XLR) 1 x floating balanced RCA
Outputs- 2 Pairs of loudspeaker terminals (R/L)
Other Inputs/Outputs- MBL SmartLink SD slot for updating
Amplifier technology- MBL LASA 2.0
Music power-  2 x 620 W (2 Ω) 2 x 380 W (4 Ω) 2 x 210 W (8 Ω)
Output current- Max. 28 ampere
Weight- 27 Kg / 59.5 Ibs