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Magico M3 Loudspeaker

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Magico M3 with Sophisticated Design and Loudspeaker Quality Only Found in the M-Project

The Magico M3 incorporates a new carbon fiber side panel design, an all-graphene midrange and bass driver design, as well as the phenomenal 28mm diamond coated beryllium tweeter that was previously found only in the M-Project. All of these components come together in what is the most sophisticated loudspeaker in the Magico Brand.   A diamond-coated beryllium diaphragm tweeter (28-mm), the same as in the MPro, comes standard in the M3 loudspeaker. It's optimized geometry coupled with a diamond coating on the beryllium, aligns the acoustical properties closer to perfection without the added weight of a full Diamond dome. This give the listener a near perfect weight to stiffness ratio unmatched in the industry. Magico is the world’s first manufacturer to utilize graphene in the development of an innovative loudspeaker cone design. Graphene is nearly 100 times stronger than the strongest steel. The newly designed Magico M3 six-inch midrange and seven-inch bass driver cones are manufactured using multi-wall carbon XG Nanographene and an ultra-stiff proprietary new carbon weave which is 20% lighter and 300% stiffer than previous cone material found in Magico loudspeaker offerings.   Three seven-inch M3 bass drivers are vertically configures to achieve both ideal room integration as well as reproduce the lowest registers of bass frequency with speed and accuracy. Brass drivers in the M3 are optimized for the least possible distortions in frequency and time domain using the state-of-the-art FEA simulation. The M3 loudspeaker contains a midrange driver that operates in a sub-enclosure made of a proprietary polymer that enhances midrange control and articulation. This sub-enclosure concept was first seen in the Magico S3.   An internal three-axis matrix framework in the M3 contributes to a rigid enclosure. This allows for drivers to perform with stunning resolution while eliminating undesired resonances and colorations.  

SPECIFICATIONS Driver Complement: 1 X 1” (2.8cm) Diamond Coated Beryllium Dome Tweeter 1 X 6” (12.24cm) Graphene Nano-Tec Midrange 3 X 7” (17.78cm) Graphene Nano-Tec Bass

Sensitivity: 91dB Impedance: 4 Ohms

Frequency Response: 24 Hz - 50 kHz

Recommended Power: 20 - 500 watts Dimensions: 48"H x 19"D x 13W (120cm x 49cm x 34cm) Weight: 320 lbs. (145 kg)
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