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Critical Mass Systems Center Stage Ultra TD

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Critical Mass Systems is proud to announce the launch of the Center StageUltra TD footer made for electronic components.  Critical Mass Systems is strictly focused on the principles of thermodynamics applicable to High-End Audio. High-end audio presents a range of challenges wider than those found in any other industry where vibration is a barrier to performance.  Our mission is to suspend disbelief, meaning; to provide how electronics can make reality come out of your loudspeakers.

After Reviewing our approach laid out in the Approach section, you now understand that there is no such thing as isolation in a listening room because sound is vibration and sound is everywhere in a listening room.  Given that vibration is present on all sides of a component, you cannot build a vibration firewall in a listening room and there is no such thing as a vibration diode in a listening room.  Furthermore, electrical systems resonate internally. Mass stores energy. The misinformed are kept unaware that a vacuum is the only thing that can stop vibration and, there is no naturally occurring vacuum in the universe.  You can’t solve a problem until you understand the problem. The problem is that vibration is everywhere in a listening room and you can’t stop it.

Diameter: 2”
Height: just over 1” (51mm x 25mm) +/- 5 microns
Weight: 6 ounces / 150 grams. 
There is no weight limit
Amount Each, Set of 4