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Clarisys Audio Studio Plus Neodynium

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Welcome to the big league, the masterclass in the Clarisys Audio world.

This model features unique design properties not found in other planar speakers currently on the market, enhancing your listening pleasure.


This model uses a double-sided bass panel, allowing more current to flow through the panel and react more accurately in the magnetic field and being it easier to drive impedance.

 This ribbon midrange starts at 300Hz and is a multi-segmented 7-trace design with a 42mm width! This is the widest ribbon midrange ever put into a speaker. The three-trace ribbon tweeter starts at 9000Hz and plays open end, and the entire speaker is rigid and has no flex!

 The only parts moving are the panels and nothing else!

 We use high-quality copper foil internal wiring, point to point, to ensure exceptional signal transfer and musicality. Each speaker weighs 507 lbs plus an external crossover.


  • You can order this speaker in any color at no extra charge.
  • This speaker is built using rare earth magnets and neodymium. This pushes the speaker's efficiency to over 90dB per watt at 1m and allows the use of tube amplifiers with a matching 4-ohm output transformer.