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Boulder 866 Integrated Amplifier

How do you follow up one of the most successful products in the history of a company? With a product that improves upon the original in every way, and the Boulder 866 Integrated does just that. Power is up to 200W per channel. Manufacturing is substantially more efficient. Weight has been reduced. New circuitry gives you greater current output at maximum power. External IP control has been added. There are versions for traditional systems as well as modern streaming media users. And a dedicated Boulder app easily enables you to manage everything. And here’s the best part: the sound is everything you would expect from a Boulder. It’s powerful, clean, clear, quick, and true to the sound of the original recording and the intents of the artists involved. In fact, there’s absolutely no reason not to take home an 866. It’s everything you could want and more.

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Two versions are available to suit any system: all-analog for more traditional systems and analog+digital for the streaming digital media listener Excellent power, dynamics, and control from 200W of amplifier power into any loudspeaker load A full-color touch screen displays all of the available inputs and setup features in addition to the amplifier's status and setup modes A dedicated Boulder app controls the 866 and makes custom setup adjustments, including adding photos of your sources to the inputs shown on the 866's front panel In-house manufacturing efficiency improvements have made the 866 an incredible value in comparison to previous integrated amplifiers New protection circuitry enables the 866 to deliver greater current at maximum output without fear of damage to the amplifier's electronics The analog+digital version of the 866 adds digital inputs for USB, Ethernet, AES3, Toslink, plus Roon integration and wireless streaming via Apple's AirPlay to the standard three pairs of analog inputs Along with assembly and testing, every circuit board and piece of metalwork is produced in-house at Boulder's dedicated facility for unparalleled quality assurance Boulder's traditional 0.25" (6 mm) thumbscrew binding posts are included for secure speaker cable connections and optimal sound quality


INPUTS 3 pairs balanced analog via 3-pin XLR
DIGITAL INPUTS Ethernet, USB x 4, AES3 (adaptable to S/PDIF), Toslink (optical), WiFi
OUTPUTS 0.25" (6 mm) binding posts CONTINUOUS POWER, 8 OHMS 200W PEAK POWER, 8 OHMS 250W CONTINUOUS POWER, 4 OHMS 400W PEAK POWER, 4 OHMS 400W PEAK POWER, 2 OHMS 700W DISTORTION, THD 0.01% EQUIVALENT INPUT NOISE (EIN), 20 KHZ 2 μV INPUT IMPEDANCE 100k ohms, balanced MAXIMUM ANALOG GAIN 40.4 dB FREQUENCY RESPONSE, 20-20 KHZ 0.00, -0.04 dB FREQUENCY RESPONSE, -3 DB 0.015 Hz, 150 kHz POWER REQUIREMENTS 100V, 120V, 240V, 50-60 Hz POWER CONSUMPTION 1000W maximum DIMENSIONS 17" W x 15.4 D x 7.25" H (44 cm W x 39 cm D x 19 cm H) WEIGHT 54 lbs. (24.5 kg) SHIPPING DIMENSIONS 24" W x 23" D x 14" H (61 cm H x 59 cm D x 36 cm H) SHIPPING WEIGHT 64 lbs. (29 kg)