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Boulder 812 Network Streamer / Preamplifier / Headphone Amplifier

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Sophisticated headphone amplifier. Allows for 1/8" mini, 1/4", 4-pin balanced, and Pentaconn headphones.

Streaming capabilities, Roon endpoint, UPnP playback, Air-Play functionality, and Bluetooth.

A software-enabled fixed DAC out option.

A dedicated Boulder app controls the 812 and makes custom setup adjustments, like headphone sensitivity. An optional RF remote for volume control and switching inputs is also available

Two pairs of balanced analog inputs. One pair of balanced analog outputs. Two Toslink optical inputs, one coaxial input, and one USB-B input.

Along with assembly and testing, every circuit board and piece of metalwork is produced in-house at Boulder's dedicated facility for unparalleled quality assurance.

In-house manufacturing efficiency improvements have made the 812 an incredible value in comparison to previous preamplifiers and DACs.

Stylish headphone bay cover to keep dust out of headphone jacks.

Easily switch between headphones and preamp mode with the output exchange button.



Connections (Front)- •4-Pin XLR Headphone Connector
•1/8” Headphone Connector
•1/4” Headphone Connector
•Pentacon Headphone Connector

Connections (Back)- •2 Pair XLR Analog Inputs
•1 Pair XLR Preamplifier Output
•4x USB Host
•2 Optical Digital Inputs
•Coaxial (RCA, SPDIF) Digital Input

Software Features- •Based on 866 DSP Filter and DAC topology
•Configurable Headphone Sensitivity
•Available Fixed DAC out
•HTML Programming
•Control through the Boulder Controller App
•Input Trim

Hardware Features- •Switch Between Headphone and Preamp Outputs
•Volume Knob & Chassis Machined In House
•100 db Optically Encoded Volume Control
•Innovative Protection Circuits

Maximum Input Level- 6.0 Vrms

Maximum Output Level- 14.0 Vrms

THD+N, 2V Output, 2KHz- .0017% (-95.5 dB)

Maximum Voltage Gain- 19.4 dB

Volume Range- 100 dB

Volume Steps- 1.0 dB

Frequency Response 20 Hz to 5Khz- +0.00, -0.03 dB

Frequency Response, -3 dB- .02 Hz & 250 kHz

Clip to Noise Ratio- 116dB

Input Impedance- 100kΩ Balanced

Output Impedance- 100Ω Balanced

Power Requirements- 90-240V

Power Consumption- 50W Max

Headphone Amp Section 32Ω 200MW Output- 2k Hz 200k Hz

0.0010%. 0.0053%

Headphone Amp Section 150Ω 200MW Output- 2k Hz 20k Hz

0.0010% 0.0034%

Headphone Amp Section 600Ω 80MW Output- 2k Hz 20k Hz

0.0011% 0.0043%

Dimensions- 12”x12”x 3.5”

Weight- 14 lbs