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Artesania Audio Ki Rack

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Modular Design
Robust and reliable, its modular design allows you to easily add or remove shelves, making it easy to pack, transport, and install.
Fewer Parts More Possibilities
This innovative design makes it possible to leave aside the classic linear arms, while maintaining the isolation discs that suspend the equipment from the shelf, providing them with optimal ventilation.
Let your equipment be the main character
Although the minimalist style, the gap between pillars allows a wide range of equipment to be housed, giving them the protagonist they deserve.
Standard Heights… Or Not
The pillars, although they have standard measurements, can be manufactured in the measurements that best suit your needs. The technical department will advise you to find the best solution.
Decouple Every Level 
The rack decouples from the floor with spherical-ending spikes supported on stainless steel decoupling discs. Each shelf has its own four decoupling discs.
Stainless Steel Top Attachments On Rack Up Rights 
The top of the shelves has a conical recess to support the spherical-ending spikes of the next level or a turntable platform. Check our catalog for more info about platforms.

Total Height- 80cm/31.5"
Internal distance between legs- 58cm/22.83"
External width- 70cm/27.56"
Total depth- 57cm/22.44"