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Artesania Audio Exoteryc Rack Pro

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Stainless Steel Top Attachments On 1 Rack Uprights
The top of the external structure is made with conical recess to support the spikes of a turntable platform.
Check the Artesania Audio Exoteryc Pro catalog for more info about platforms.
External Structure
Made of steel, filled with special anti-vibration materials that create a heavy, resistant, and stable rack. With textured painting for diffusion purposes. The resonance coefficient of the structure is significantly lowered.
 Internal Suspended 3 Structure
Isolated from the external structure, the second of the three decoupling levels of the rack. Eliminates vibrations that are transmitted from solid and acoustic sources through the creation of decouples with steel spikes supported on stainless steel couplers. These provide extra tiers of anti-resonant protection.
Stainless Steel 4 Spike Couplers
As the Master Kyo rack, the Exoteryc Rack Pro has machined stainless steel spike couplers sited on black Teflon cylinders to provide more robust support, easier to adjust, to offer an improved decoupling.
Internal Frame
Height-adjustable frames to place any size of component properly, locked on the vertical stainless steel bars of the suspended structure.
Carbon Fiber Linear Arms
Made with carbon fiber to improve the standard stainless steel arms. New design to locate the adjustable isolation discs in a larger range of positions. This system allows to setting up of the ideal support for positioning electronic components.
Isolation Discs
Support each of the electronic components without any need for shelves. Easy installation facilitated by elastic inserts which provides stability to place electronic components on the adjustable spikes. Discs made in beech wood.
Improved Decoupling 8 Floor System
The Master Kyo Rack, includes a stainless steel locknut system easier to adjust, with spherical-ending spikes supported on stainless steel decoupling discs. Two types of floor pads are included, with different sonic behaviors, depending on the room's acoustics.
Bridge Bar 
Height-adjustable steel rear profiles strengthen the external structure to guarantee stability and ensure free easy access to install components.
Stabilizer Bar
Located in the internal structure, stops the tiniest pendulum movement of the internal structure. Four in each rack, located at the lowest part of the internal structure. Check the manual to use it properly.
To connect electronics. Essential for phono. Check the manual to connect properly if necessary.

Total height- 66cm/25.98"
Internal distance between legs- 49cm/19.29"
External width- 59cm/23.23"
Total depth- 50cm/19.69"