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Aurender MC20 Reference Master / Word Clock

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Often considered the final step on the path towards digital audio perfection, master/word clocks can have the ability to elevate music from the merely great to the truly exceptional. A master clock's job is to become the conductor of the connected digital devices and synchronize them into one pulse entity. This simple yet complicated act results in dramatically lower jitter in the time domain and phase noise in the frequency domain. The sonic benefits of doing so are nuanced yet recognizable as the music takes on more textural spatial layering and dimensionally. The soundstage is collected, solidified, and more focused, with highly defined imaging pinpointing the location of each instrument. Reverb trails are more evident and audible, with overall coherency, tempo, and pacing greatly improved. While an expensive addition to any reference audio system, the magnificent MC20 represents a milestone in advancing fidelity and musicality in digital audio reproduction, pushing the boundaries beyond what was thought possible.

Specific Innovations

  • The 10MHz Rubidium-based clock module is user-installed within a shock-mounted and shielded chamber designed to eliminate spurious RFI, EMI, and external vibrations from interfering with the accurate operation of the clock. The module is packaged separately within the main carton to provide a safe transportation environment for this delicate and high-precision sub-assembly.
  • Connectivity options expanded to accommodate 50- and 75-ohm sources for assured compatibility when connected to any of the eight isolated BNC clock outputs.
  • Exceptional build quality throughout using the highest precision and matched component parts.
  • Ultra-low noise linear power supplies for each section with built-in power filtering.

 Key Functions

  • Simultaneously supply a 10MHz master clock reference signal to multiple source devices such as an Aurender music server, DACs, and even separate word clocks with 10MHz master clock reference input.
  • Supply of a 10MHz master clock to source devices such as an Aurender Music Server and word clock to DAC.
  • A word clock to the source device and DAC.