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Suncoast Audio Absolute Sound Dealer Showcase

                  Suncoast Audio Dealer Showcase

 We know you get carried away sometimes. We do too. After all, at the time of writing, Suncoast Audio is the only location in North America to demonstrate the full (and amazing!) MBL 101 Extreme system. So we understand the enthusiasm to jump ahead and dream  really big. But we also understand that to get all the way to your sonic goal line, you need to look beyond the shiny objects and understand the whole picture—the fundamentals. Suncoast Audio brings a voice of reason—a practical approach—to the job of building a music system that exceeds your goals.

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We understand the essential contribution that room treatments, power conditioning, and proper setup make, and we specialize in clients looking for complete solutions built on the foundation laid by these fundamentals. 

Go ahead. Dreamyour biggest dreams. Suncoast Audio will be there to help you thinkreally big too. The best equipment anchored by a practical, wholistic, and experienced approach. It’s the recipe that has made us grow faster and larger than even our biggest dreams.

Suncoast Audio’s founder, Mike Bovaird, knew from his IT background that this isn’t your father’s audio industry. He realized that an effective retailer had to do more than simply reach out to the community, it had to build a community—one with a remote, digital and social fingerprint. Mike built the thriving, over 28,000-member online audio community forum He co-owns the annual Florida Audio Expo. Suncoast has a YouTube channel, and can be found on Facebook and Instagram. 


Mike Bovaird isn’t just a part of the audio industry and community, he is on the front lines, promoting and sponsoring its growth. In a world of givers and takers, Suncoast Audio is firmly in the former category.

The result of Suncoast’s engagement is not simply a more interesting world for the dedicated audio enthusiast, it’s the collected expertise gathered from firsthand involvement with consumers, manufacturers, and other dealers. Through this tremendous knowledge base, and combined with the system/ equipment testing in its 3 in-store dedicated listening rooms, Mike and his team have created one of the largest think tanks for what works and doesn’t work in building a world-class music system at all price points. They have worked hard to develop solutions that are synergistically sound, not just fancy brand bound. Most dealers are limited to their “in-store” expertise. Suncoast’s vast reach pulls from a much wider laboratory. That’s a powerful value add to you the consumer. 

Suncoast Audio is building a better audio future. It combines the strengths of a traditional brick and mortar retail environment (single room demonstrations, person-to-person advice, on-the-ground service and support), the advantages of an online community (, 28,000 strong), the digital outreach and information provided via YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, with the ability for consumers in the Florida region to hear great audio gear from around the world at the Florida Audio Expo. 

All this expertise. All this active involvement. An enviable line up of manufacturers, and the fundamental, rational approach to building a whole system that will engage for years to come. It’s no wonder that Suncoast Audio quickly expanded from Mike’s home many years ago into a dedicated retail space today. That wholistic approach to your system and to his business is what should see Suncoast Audio expanding and promoting great audio into the foreseeable future.