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Magico S1 MkII Review

Magico was founded more than ten years ago by Alon Wolf who set out to develop speakers that set new standards in contemporary design and function. Since then, Magico has won acclaim around the world and numerous awards while developing an extensive inventory of audio products. Suncoast Audio is proud to offer the Magico line and today we will discuss the S1 MkII speakers.

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The Magico S1 MkII may look similar to its predecessor but has received significant improvements. The company designs and tests its equipment to meet the demanding standards of live music reproduction. Some of the key features include:

  • Magico’s unique all-aluminum monocoque enclosure that is ⅜” thick and 12” in diameter
  • A proprietary driver design that exceeds others on the market
  • Innovative internal bracing using special damping and glues to minimize resonance and create maximum stability and rigidity
  • A machined top plate which is convex in design to break up vertical standing waves and minimize diffraction
  • A 1-inch diamond-coated beryllium diaphragm tweeter
  • A 7-inch M390G graphene Nano-Tec cone
  • 86dB sensitivity
  • 4 Ohm impedance
  • 32-50k Hertz frequency response
  • 50 W recommended power

Magico uses leading-edge computer graphic modeling, real-time analysis, and advanced CAD acoustic simulators available to provide you the pinnacle in sound reproduction. They take pride in keeping their design and build processes completely within their company and the result shows in the S1 MkII line and all Magico acoustic products. Suncoast Audio is proud to offer Magico as one of our speaker lines, and we can assist you if needed in choosing the other audio components to take full advantage of Magico’s amazing sound. Call us for more information at 941-932-0282 or