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Choosing the Right Headphones

Headphones are a critical item in the arsenal of anyone truly serious about music. Audiophiles must have the right equipment to block out the noise of the humdrum world and really connect with their music. However, choosing the right headphone for your unique tastes and needs can be a complicated task. Let's take a look at a few questions to ask yourself.

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How do you see yourself using your headphones? The reason why you want headphones and how you intend to use them is the most critical piece of information in determining which headphones will best serve you. Different headphones specialize in various types of playback and knowing which sounds you want to capitalize on is key. If you commonly listen to your music on the go, for example, in-ear headphones are going to be critical. However, if heavy bass features in your playback flavor, a bass-heavy pair would be the smarter choice. You'll have to prioritize your wants and needs before moving forward.

Convenience is the next factor to consider, which is primarily concerned with how easily you can get the set on, the ease with which you can store it, etc. Headphones fall into three categories: in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear. In-ear phones fit comfortably inside the ear, on-ear rests on the outside and over-ears completely envelop each ear. The fullness of the musical experience improves as you progress down the line, but so does the bulk and complication of transport and storage. It’s critical that you choose the size that works best for your particular needs, it doesn't do any good to have a high-quality over-ear headset that you can't transport or realistically use. It’s also valuable to consider wireless capability and consider the trade-offs where it is concerned. Wired headsets will also produce better audio quality, but wireless offers significant convenience. If impeccable playback is a must, go wired.

Once you have determined your needs and preferences, you should consider your budget. Headphones can range from very cheap to very expensive and you will ultimately get what you pay for. However, your personal budget will ultimately be the deciding factor on what options are available to you.

We here at Suncoast Audio recognize how important music is. Whether it’s for simple enjoyment, something to pass the time or even a tool to help you emotionally, music is always there for you. If you would like assistance in finding the pair of headphones that best suits your needs or if you have any questions in general, we invite you to contact us at (941) 932-0282. We look forward to helping you out.