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Weiss DSP 501

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The DSP501 / DSP502 are our new state of the art Digital Signal Processors with an unprecedented level of sophistication and versatily.
The DSP502 uses a larger frame but else sports the same features as the DSP501. 

With the DSP50x we are creating a new high-end audio unit which hasn't been available on the market before. It is a digital signal processor with various algorithms with the purpose to enhance the audio signal or to adapt the audio signal to the room acoustics or speakers at hand.


Weiss Engineering has a 30 year history in designing signal processing algorithms for the professional audio market, namely Mastering Studios. In that time span we have learned a thing or two about algorithm design. The DSP50x is the essence of our experiences.


The DSP501 / DSP502 also include a sampling frequency converter which converts all input signals to a fixed, user selectable sampling frequency. The purpose of this converter is to ease the subsequent D/A Converter from the upsampling task. The modern D/A Converters also use a sampling frequency converter to rise the internal sampling frequency before D/A conversion. This internal converter often is of compromised quality due to cost considerations. So with the DSP501 / DSP502 converter the overall quality will be higher. 


DSP501 and DSP502 are Roon Ready.

Color Black, Silver