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Vicoustic VicVibro SWM, Anti-Vibration Wall Mountings

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Anti-vibration wall mountings


Anti-vibration wall mountings designed to prevent structural transmission and provide maximum structural stability.
 Highly recommended for absorption of vibrations produced by airborne and impact noise. The lowest frequencies of airborne noise tend to be in the range of 28-30Hz. Impact noise tends to be even lower. The steel spring system and EPDM rubber is specially designed to prevent sound amplifications through the wall structures, where the sound pressure level is between 100dB-105dB (medium/ low frequencies). These units are a must in walls with sizable dimension.

  • Main Info

    • Dimensions: N/A

    • Scratch Resistance: N/A

    • Washable: N/A

  • Performance

    • Functionality: Anti-vibratic

    • Absorption Frequency Range: N/A

    • NRC: N/A

  • Fire Rate

    • Europe: N/A

    • USA: N/A

    • Canada: N/A

  • Packaging Information

    • Units/Box: 50

    • Box Dimensions: 323 x 238 x 143 mm

    • Box Gross Weight: 11.62 Kg

  • new-tab

    • Installation: The first unit should be applied 1,50 m from the floor. The second unit should be applied 3,00 m from the floor. So on and so forth. The last unit should be applied between 10-30 cm from the acoustic ceiling. Remember that the installation of the wall mountings should be in a criss- cross sequence (please see the installation procedure sheets).