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Vicoustic is proud to announce the development of VicAudiophile VMT Kit, an upgradable acoustic kit created to maximize the acoustic conditions of a room for listening to a Hi-Fi system without compromising your health and comfort.

Since it's expandable and changeable at anytime, the final result is just a matter of how many kits you select and the configuration you choose.

At Vicoustic they understand that no matter how efficient a Hi-Fi system is or how correctly loudspeakers are placed if room acoustics is not properly addressed, it is likely that you will end up hearing more energy coming from the room than from the loudspeakers.
This will compromise the listening experience and ultimately raise doubts about the investment made in the Hi-Fi system. Vicoustic developed this acoustic kit to treat your room and truly enjoy your Hi-Fi system.

Depending on your goals, available space and budget, you can improve the acoustics of your room, either all at once or in different steps,

by acquiring one or several kits:

1. Start with one kit to treat first reflections from side and front walls.

2. Step forward to improve ceiling treatment with a second kit.

3. Fully treat your room including back walls in a third step.

You can change the configuration of your room anytime. Thanks to the VicFix J Profile fixation system, you can alternate sound absorbing and sound diffusion panels depending on your preferences or if you are listening to Classical or Popular Music. Using VicFix Corner, you can also use VicSpace Plus Flat Panel VMT and VicPattern Ultra as bass trap in the corners. 
VicAudiophile VMT Kit was developed to improve room acoustics with 4 Flat Panel VMT with VicSpacer Plus, for enhanced absorption performance, 4 units of VicPattern Ultra Wavewood and 2 units of Multifuser Wood MKII 64, for sound diffusion, available in 3 different finishes (Natural Oak, Brown Oak and White Matte), including exclusive VMT colors such as Sage Green and Natural Linen, only available for this kit.