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van den Hul The Grail SE Phonostage

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Good, better, best…. The Grail SE goes above and beyond every phono preamplifier thanks to among the dual mono power supply. 

 The Absolute Sound, March 2020

Among solid-state units, the Grail is distinguished by its sheer dynamic wallop and superbly low noise floor. It will help to goose just about any set of loudspeakers with its unabashed sonic horsepower. The bottom line is that the Grail brought its own set of attributes to the music—dynamic effervescence coupled with a smooth sound. Kudos to A.J. Van den Hul for not resting on his abundant laurels and striving to produce a top-drawer phonostage that exceeds his previous efforts.

- Specifically designed phonograph preamplifier section
- Balanced design for inputs and outputs
- Inputs: three Phonograph inputs, two balanced for MC cartridges, one for MM (unbalanced)
- Phonograph RIAA - equalization with coils only, no sound impairing capacitors in filters
- Special printed circuit board material with gold conducting paths
- The printed circuit board has a special seating to evade microphonics
- Specially equipped feet made of selected material to avoid mechanical energy storage
- Low noise moving coil input stage, less annoying noise even with low-output cartridges
- Automatic adapting input stage for moving coil cartridges, no matching resistors needed
- Compensation for phonograph cartridge sensitivity (level adjustment)
- Dual power supplies, in separate housings
- Strictly separated amplifier sections and circuit layout deliver a very natural sound stage
- Power supplies have Gyrators for each amplifier stage delivers noise cancellation
- The external power supplies are available for different mains voltages

Mains power

available with 115/120Volts or 230Volts, 50/60Hz.

Temperature operating range

from 15deg. Celsius up to 30deg. Celsius room temperature. No condensing on item allowed. Use only in dry rooms

Max. undistorted output voltage


Output impedance

330 Ohms (real resistive), 600 Ohms at balanced out

Input sensivity values

(given for 250mV RMS resp. 0,707Vss output level on amplifier output)

Signal to noise

> = 77dB

Input impedance

autom. matching in milliseconds from appr. 2 Ohms up to 2,000 Ohms


19,5KG (appr. 43lbs) without the ext. power supplies

Size (W x H x L, incl. feet)

475 x 95 x 335mm