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Sound Anchors 4-Post Speaker Stands

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If you are an audiophile looking for the ultimate high-performance stands for your ultimate high-performance speakers you should consider Sound Anchor Four Post Monitor Stands. They are designed to satisfy your most critical musical and aesthetic requirements. The Sound Anchor 4 Post Monitor Stands are high mass and acoustically dead. They are designed to be sonically neutral. Any speakers placed on these stands will exhibit better all-around performance than they will on any other stands.

The big performance advantages that the Sound Anchor Four Post Monitor Stands offer over any other stands is largely due to six design and construction features.

1. The top where the speaker sits is custom sized to fit your speaker.

2. The base is sized larger than the top to make the stands stable,
how much bigger depends on your height requirements.

3. You choose the height your speakers will be supported better and at the height that sounds best to you.

4. All Sound Anchor 4 Post Monitor Stands are pre-filled at the factory with special materials to make them acoustically dead. This adds mass and ensures that they will not add any sound of their own to that of your speaker. It also adds to convenience as the audiophile does not need to fill them.

5. They are spiked at the floor to enhance stability and mass loading.

6. The interface between the speaker and the stand is four of our special sorbathane blue dots.

Sound Anchor 4 Post Speaker Stands are hand crafted in the USA. They are made of large section square and rectangular steel tubing. Our structural grade all welded construction makes them rigid and stable. Sound Anchors 4 Post Stands are finished in fine textured black using our special four step process. The only stand to offer more features and a higher level of performance than the Sound Anchors 4 Post Stand is the Sound Anchor Custom Signature Stands.