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Ortofon Super OM-10

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The Ortofon Super OM cartridges

The Super OM cartridges have been designed on the basis of our OM lightweight system with three major improvements:

1. By means of computer simulations it has been possible to define the natural pivot point of the system with unprecedented accuracy while achieving an optimum oscillation balance. The result: improved linearity, higher channel separation and reduced distortion.

2. Additionally, a new technique was developed and applied: slit less than 1 mm dia. hollow pole pins, thus significantly reducing eddy current losses caused by magnetic hysteresis. This sophisticated technology extends the frequency range and improves phase linearity.

3. Thirdly OM Super cartridge body is manufactured from a Noryl (plastic & glass compound) which ensures high rigidity, and freedom from resonances.

All Super OM models have the same body, construction and magnetic circuitry. The only difference is the interchangeable stylus unit.

Super Upgradeable
All Super OM models have the same body, construction, and magnetic circuitry. The only difference is the interchangeable stylus unit. Thus, when your level of musical sophistication improves, you can simply switch the existing stylus to the Ortofon Stylus 20, 30 or for pinnacle performance the Ortofon Stylus 40. The Ortofon Stylus 40 offers pinnacle performance for the most demanding listener.


Ortofon Super OM10 Phono Cartridge Specifications
- Output voltage @ 1kHz: 4mV
- Channel balance @ 1kHz: 1.5dB
- Channel separation: 22dB @ 1kHz; 15dB @ 15kHz
- Frequency range: 20Hz-24kHz
- Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz +3/-1dB
- FIM distortion @ recommended tracking force, DIN 45.542: <1%
- Tracking ability @ 315Hz @ recommended tracking force: 70 µm
- Compliance dynamic lateral: 25 µm/mN
- Stylus type: Elliptical
- Stylus tip radius: r/R 8/18 µm
- Stylus tip mass: 0.5 mg
- Tracking force: 1.25 - 1.75 g (12.5 - 17.5 mN)
- Recommended tracking force: 1.5 g (15 mN)
- Tracking angle: 20°
- Internal impedance DC resistance: 1k ohms
- Internal inductance: 580 mH
- Recommended load resistance: 47k ohms
- Recommended load capacitance: 200 - 400 pF
- Color: Black
- Weight: 5 g