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NeatAcoustics Motive SX1

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The Motive range was introduced in 2005 and revamped in 2013.

The key objectives of the Motive range are:

1) To deliver exceptional performance from compact and attractive contemporary cabinets.
2) Easy-to-drive designs with a consistent and coherent sound across the range.
3) High standard of AV/multi-channel performance.

The Motive range was a significant development for Neat as it marked the entry into the more mainstream market, which much bigger manufacturers largely dominated. A new tweeter was developed for this range, loosely based on the inverted titanium dome used in the original Ultimatum models. This tweeter offers a very detailed, uncompressed performance and gives the Motive models a level of dynamic and micro-dynamic insight unrivaled at its price point.

The entire Motive range was revised to the ‘SX’ status in 2013 using an improved version of the NMT tweeter – the SXT. The SXT tweeter employs the same massive magnet system but with an anodized aluminum dome replacing the previous titanium dome. The crossovers, tuning and internals have also been updated, resulting in a wide-ranging improvement in all-round performance.

Although this is the taller of the two floorstanders in the Motive SX range, the SX1 is nevertheless a compact and elegant model. It will blend discreetly into any living room whilst its performance gives little away to larger and more expensive models.

This loudspeaker uses a two and half-way configuration, with the bass/midrange driver and the tweeter operating within a sealed enclosure. The sub-bass drive unit is housed separately in a reflex-tuned section below. The bass reflex port is fitted to the bottom panel of the cabinet and is vented through an outlet in the stylishly sculpted MDF plinth.

In spite of the compact dimensions, the Motive SX1 manages to accurately reproduce genuinely low bass notes with spacious and well-focused stereo imagery.

The tweeter is the new and upgraded unit used throughout the Motive SX range and features a huge screened magnet assembly and a 25mm inverted anodised aluminium dome. This type of tweeter is usually only found in more expensive high-end loudspeakers and is therefore an exceptional inclusion to the Motive SX designs.

“an outstanding example of a top-quality compact floorstanding speaker”
HiFi Choice, January 2006


Dimensions (HxWxD): 925/160/200mm

Drive Unit Dimensions: Bass/mid units: 134mm, Tweeter: 25mm Inverted Anodised Aluminium Dome

Footprint (WxD): 220/260mm

Weight: 14Kg Each

Shipping Weight: 35Kg pair

System type: 2.5-way Reflex

Impedance: 6 Ohms

HiFi Choice - SX1

"There is a clearly discernible sense of fun to the way the Neat makes music" See Full Review

HiFi Critic - SX2

"The Neat Motive SX2 is certainly one of the cutest and most discreet stereo speakers on the market" See Full Review

Top Audio Gear- SX2

"The NEAT Motive SX2 is a phenomenal loudspeaker with a presentation that is so musically beguiling that it verges on the supernatural." See Full Review

What HiFi - SX2

"Punchy dynamics and precise timing work together to make their performance very expressive. The sense of enthusiasm is infectious." See Full Review

HiFi World - SX3

"They [SX3s] have a foot-tapping rhythmicallity which has the ability to get you bouncing around the room with a big smile on your face." See Full Review

What HiFi - SX3

"Vocals are full of convictoin and dynamism, while dense instrumentals that weave around them never sound convoluted or ill-timed." See Full Review



HiFi Choice - EKSTRA

"Neat Acoustics are designed almost solely by ear, listening to music rather than test‑tones. While this makes the Ekstra more aligned to some musical genres, it also makes for a speaker that is consumately musical and enticing." See Full Review

Sensitivity: 87 dB/1 watt

Bandwidth: 25Hz – 30kHz