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Naim SNAXO 362 Crossover

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Our SNAXO 362 crossover suits three-way loudspeakers, and can be used in tri-amped configurations with three stereo power amplifiers. As with its SNAXO 242 sibling, it can be optimized to suit your needs, even allowing for the output level to each loudspeaker drive unit to be adjusted.  


  • Suitable for use with three stereo, or six mono amplifiers.
  • Powered by FlatCap XS, HiCap or SuperCap power supply.

Technology & Craft

The SNAXO 362 is our three-way, 18dB/octave fixed-frequency crossover. It can be used in tri-amped and six-pack systems, with either three stereo or six mono power amplifiers. The output level to each loudspeaker drive unit can be adjusted by means of the cermet potentiometers mounted inside the unit. As with the 2-way SNAXO 242, power is supplied by a FlatCap XS, HiCap or SuperCap power supply. When ordering a SNAXO, you should specify which loudspeaker model this will be used with, as we tailor the components within each SNAXO for use with specific loudspeakers. For more information contact your local Naim Audio retailer.   Audio Outputs Analog: 6 x 4-pin DIN Line Outputs Fixed (level): 775mV Minimum Load Impedance: 10kΩ Power Supply Voltage: 24V Power Supply Options: FlatCap XS, HiCap, SuperCap Physical Dimensions (HxWxD): 87 x 207 x 314 mm Shipping Dimensions: 210 x 280 x 410 mm Supplied with: SNAIC Finish Front: Bead blasted and black anodized Case: Black powder coated