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MSB Technology The Select II DAC

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The Select II DAC - Three Decades of Evolution and Innovation

MSB technology continues to defy the impossible with its Select DAC. It has an astonishing sixteen channels across eight modules that are powered by MSB's Hybrid DAC technology. Because of this, audiophiles will no need an amplification stage to drive high power output. The Select provides pure sound with only a pure digital-to-analog conversion. Its Hybrid module can convert between native DSD or PCM which is what gives it the Hybrid moniker.  

Clean Design

The Select design remains understated with its smooth lines, focused modularity, minimal controls and high-end quality. MSB has always focused on exceptional design without compromise. To set a new benchmark in digital-to-analog conversion, they did not skimp on component or design quality.  

Each Select DAC is unique

Each DAC is completely customizable and audiophiles can elect to deviate from the standard black matte or silver chassis finishes. Those options will increase production time, however, it is well worth the wait to ensure your new DAC fits with your system. Each MSB Technology DAC comes with both customer information and the serial number directly programmed into the unit.

  MSB select dac matte black gold  

A display for the listening chair

Finally! A discrete yet large enough LED display that you can see from the comfort of your listening chair. The Select DAC display comes assembled in its very own CNC pocket within the uni-body but seperat from the DAC. The LED display is refreshed between data points and has targeted electrical isolation in order to reduce noise interference.  

A Dual Powerbase

Audiophiles understand the importance of a clean power supply. The Select DAC is equipped with a redesigned power supply that helps minimize the noise floor even further. The digital supply has one power supply and the analog side has its own isolated power supply. These small details help the Select reach unprecedented levels of performance.

The Mono Powerbase

Two power supplies require increased isolation and electrical performance and MSB delivered. Each Mono Powerbase had increased space providing a lower electrical noise design.

Entirely modular

Probably it's most innovative features is the modular design. The clock, input, output and DAC modules are user-replaceable. As any of these technologies change, MSB will update your DAC to keep it current and operational.

Future Proof

MSB is constantly developing new input modules for every application and technology.  With the release of MQA, MSB has prepared a new module and a simple software update. This keeps your DAC up to date with the most recent technologies.  A DAC that is ready for an unknown future.


The last preamp you will ever need

Amplification is eliminated because of MSBs high power DAC modules. The select does not use transistors, buffers or op-amps. The signal is attenuated with new technology that provides a constant low impedance output without any active circuitry. Now, audio quality is independent of volume setting. The output modules are individually tuned for maximum quality balance or single-ended audio.

Expand your analog audio

With its design, the preamp has space for additional extra analog outputs, analog inputs, and isolated sub outputs.


CNC Billet chassis

Starting with an 85lb plate of ‘Kaiser Select Precision Plate’, the chassis is machined in-house. After eight hours of machining, 85% of the aluminum is removed, resulting in a 17lb finished product. The integration of our CNC shop allows for design optimization to create the best possible product. High-quality metal is used to provide excellent anodized finishes.

Anodized Finishes

Available in matte silver and matte black. Custom finishes are available.  The popular custom gold finish is a light matte anodized gold with plated gold accents.