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Luxman L-509X Integrated Amplifier

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The L-509x integrated amplifier perfectly blends features with performance.

The L-509x integrated amplifier represents the bests of both worlds and fulfilled Luxman's goal of creating the perfect integrated amplifier. It comes equipped with a number of exceptional features and utilizes the new LECUA1000 and a discretely configured buffer circuit in the output stage of the pre-amplifier circuit. To ensure true reproduction, it is powered by Luxman's ODNF (only distortion negative feedback) amplifier feedback circuit as well as a power supply that has independent right and left channel blocking capacitors. The L-509x integrated amplifier's overall design incorporates the finest of Luxman's technology to create the ultimate seperates as a single unit.

ODNF 4.0 - innovative amplification feedback circuit

An essential part of Luxman's L-509x integrated amplifier is the ODNF amplification feedback circuit which features a high-speed primary slew rate. This wide bandwidth coupled with low-level distortion is achieved by feeding back only the distorted components of the audio signal from the output of the amplification circuit. The ODNF also serves to provide enhancement of accuracy in distortion detection due to the triple-paralleled first stage error detection circuit. Luxman has also achieved a higher signal to noise ratio and lower impedance because of the parallel first stage and Darlington equipped second stage circuit. Additionally, the integrated amp contains a 3-stage Darlington circuit with a 4-parallel push-pull structure used for the output stage. This achieves output at 120W+120W(8Ω) and 220W+220W(4Ω), enabling the L-509X to drive speakers powerfully with rich dynamics and full expression. *ODNF stands for “Only Distortion Negative Feedback”.

Chassis structure is the epitome of function and design

The L-509X integrated amplifier is constructed with a beautiful hair-line finish and ample ventilation for improved heat dissipation. The loop-less chassis structure restricts any increase in ground impedance. Analog level meters, illuminated with white LEDs, add to the elegant and stylish appearance.

Countless user-friendly functions

It comes equipped with compatible MM and MC cartridges and a high-quality phono amplifier. It provides all the functions that a high quality integrated amplifier should, such as: bass and treble tone controls, pre-power seperation function, L/R balance adjustment controlled by LECUA,  and volume control and headphone output.

Copper alloy terminals

RCA terminals, composed of copper alloy are used in the L-509x for line-1 inputs. This copper alloy melds the durability of brass with conductivity of copper. Additionally, this model offers a number of custom components such as high-grade speaker terminals (compatible with Y-connectors) and a robust power supply.

Sturdy gradation cast-iron feet

Dense cast iron feet help eliminate any remaining resonance.

High stability power supply

The highly stable power supply circuit developed for the L-509X features a 600 VA EI-core-type power transformer and independent left and right channel large capacity blocking capacitors (10,000μFx4 per channel). This generous custom specification ensures that the power supply unit will not be affected by any load fluctuation.

Discrete buffer circuit

The L-509X is equipped with a discrete buffer circuit that is equivalent to the type used in the high-end LUXMAN C-900u separate amplifier. This allows the preservation and clarity of an audio signal while significantly increasing the power amplification stage.  

Increased damping factor

Large-capacity, low resistance speaker relays are connected in parallel, enabling loss-less transmission of the powerful driving force that is generated by the generous power supply circuit and the amplifier output section of the L-509X. The use of 3.5mm2 cabling for the amplifier board output and the unit's damping factor of 370 enables the L-509X to drive all kinds of speakers accurately.

New LECUA*1000 computerized attenuator

At the core of the preamp section and volume control is Luxman's very own, LECUA1000. This computerized attenuator is integrated with the amplification circuit, a feature integral to the high-end LUXMAN C-900u control amplifier. LECUA provides an ideal level control system which allows smooth and fine adjustment of the volume over 88 steps, thereby minimizing the deterioration of audio quality at any point of the volume adjustment range. An advancement of the New LECUA1000 is the 3D design layout. The attenuator circuit board is directly connected to the amplification circuit board. Signal routing has been minimized and efficiency has been successfully enhanced. In addition, this design is extremely resistant to external vibration and eliminates changes in audio quality over the volume control range. The robust nature of this system ensures longevity and durability. *LECUA stands for “Luxman Electronically Controlled Ultimate Attenuator”.