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Kharma Elegance dB7 / dB7-S Loudspeakers

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With a full pallet of different kinds of technological improvements and detailed knowledge, the Elegance dB7 / dB7-S has been created as a renewed Dutch masterpiece.

The Elegance dB7 / dB7-S is known as the successor of the Ceramique 3.2 FE, which was introduced in 1998. The 3.2 FE has been improved in many detailed fields, including the drivers, connectors and internal cabling. Due to the compact size of the Elegance dB7 / dB7-S, the bass produced is even more impressive. Combining these technological improvements with an elegant design and detailed trimmings, makes the dB7 / dB7-S easily blend in every living room.

When there is an -S included at the end of the model name, a Signature treatment is applied. This treatment refers to cabinet and driver upgrades. 



One of the many redesigned parts of the Elegance is the grill of the dB7. This new improved grill is made detachable by embedded magnets to really have the freedom to adapt the Elegance dB7 to your own style. With grill, the Elegance gives an elegant and luxury feeling, where the dB7 without grill shows the beauty of the composite drivers without actual showing that a grill could be attached. Therefore the Elegance dB7 can easily blend in both contemporary as well as modern interiors.



The Spike Disk Suspension System Stand (SDSS-stand) has especially been designed for the Elegance Collection. The SDSS-stand absorbs resonances and works as a mechanical grounding system. The beautiful stand is made of composite material with a black finish and accentuated by a chrome disk and top cover.



The Elegance Collection has 4 different models, of which the Elegance S7 and the Elegance dB7 can be delivered in standard or Signature version. For the Elegance dB9-S and the dB11-S, the Signature treatment is always included. A Signature model can be recognized by the -S behind the model name.

There is a difference between both versions, with each their own characteristics and treatments. The Elegance Signature versions have a different treatment upon several levels of excellence. Which features these are, will be explained below.

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For the midrange section, the Kharma Composite Driver in the standard version is interchanged with the Kharma Omega-7 driver in the Signature version. This Omega-7 driver is based on Ultra High Modulus carbon fibres, which is the best fibre available on the globe today. The use of these ultra-stiff carbon fibres and a unique resin, together with a proprietary production process, displaces the break-up frequencies of the cone, in comparison with the Kharma Composite driver, to an even more refined level of excellence. This upgrade of the driver is the only upgrade that also changes the appearance of the speaker. The other upgrades are only audible because of their internal appliance.



Enhanced damping: The acoustical damping of the cabinet is enhanced to better absorb all energy trapped inside the loudspeaker in a wide frequency range.

Enhanced internal wiring: The cross-sectional conductive area of the internal wiring is increased to have a more refined signal transmission between the crossover and the drivers.

Vibration-reducing compound: The crossover and bas pipe on the back plate of the Elegance are treated with a special compound to bring mechanical vibration to an absolute minimum.