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HI-FI Racks Ltd. Speaker Stands for Harbeth Loudspeakers

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The Harbeth Speaker Stands are designed to perfectly fit the footprint of the Harbeth Audio P3ESR, Compact 7, M30.2, M40.2/3 & Super SHL5 Plus speakers to the millimeter for an ultra-streamlined aesthetic. These speaker stands are individually handmade in our workshop using solid hardwoods for the best possible acoustic performance.


Each speaker stand is made from solid hardwood with solid 20mm top plate and 40mm base platesEach pair of speaker stands comes with 8 absorbing dampers for the speaker to rest on, and 8 adjustable spikes.


Standard Sizes

P3ESR: Width 190, Depth 184, Height 600mm (Including Spikes and Absorbing Dampers)

C7ES-3: Width 272, Depth 305, Height 510mm(Including Spikes and Absorbing Dampers)

M30.2: Width 277, Depth 275, Height 610mm (Including Spikes and Absorbing Dampers)

Super HL5: Width 322, Depth 300, Height 440mm (Including Spikes and Absorbing Dampers)

M40.2: Width 432, Depth 388, Height 355mm (Including Spikes and Absorbing Dampers)

Whilst we suggest the most suitable height for each size of speaker stand, we also offer bespoke heights to meet your needs. Any height up to 700mm is available at no extra cost to meet your exact requirements, with heights over 700mm incurring a £30 surcharge.


Weight Capacity 

85kg (per stand)



Castors are available on these speaker stands at time of placing the order (they cannot be retrofitted).