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Fyne Audio F702 Loudspeaker

This elegant, contemporary loudspeaker distils the best of Fyne Audio’s new technologies and expertise into a mid-sized floorstanding design.  Articulate, powerful and capable of delivering stunning dynamics and real world volumes, the F702 is ideal for recreating a truly captivating listening experience in mid to large sized rooms. Available Colors: 

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Handcrafted with supreme attention to detail, the Fyne Audio F702 Loudspeaker offers a sophisticated blend of state-of-the-art technology and top-tier engineering resulting in unparalleled sound pressure, dynamic range, and sonic detail. Designed for larger rooms, the F702 speakers feature a 200mm IsoFlare point source driver and a 200mm multi-fiber bass driver united in a twin cavity tuned cabinet paired with a BassTrax LF diffuser, creating an enthralling audio experience.

Color Piano Gloss Black, Piano Gloss White, Piano Gloss Walnut

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