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Fyne Vintage Fifteen

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The Fyne Vintage models encapsulate Dr. Mills’ ‘no compromise.’

execution of retro style meets modern engineering. Boasting

The most significant IsoFlare drivers with FyneFlute surround, the

design marries a multi-fiber cone LF unit with a 75mm

a neodymium drives titanium dome compression tweeter

magnet system. Deep Cryogenically Treated crossovers and

premium BassTrax port implementation is unique for each

of the three Vintage models.

These Fyne technologies are seamlessly integrated into

bespoke, hand-built, twin cavity birch ply cabinets,

contoured to reduce standing waves and optimize

mechanical performance. Each cabinet has a unique,

timeless style craft from individually selected Walnut and

Burred Walnut natural wood and accented with anodized gold

metalwork. The analog ‘dial’ Presence and Energy control

for personal room tuning, complete the series’ truly Vintage

sense of luxury, style, and refinement.


The Flagship of the range is a timeless statement. Featuring

the largest IsoFlare driver to date in this all-inclusive no-compromise model.

DRIVER-15” IsoFlare”


IsoFlare Driver


BassTrax Porting

Presence Adjustment

HF Energy Adjustment

Cryogentic Crossover

Sculpted Birch Ply Cabinet