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Fyne Classic VIII SM

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Built with a traditional rectangular cabinet that is wider than

it is deep, the Fyne Vintage Classic comes in two distinct

models, X and XII. Hand-finished in Walnut real wood

veneer with contrasting black baffle, Classic incorporates

minimalist analog controls for personal room tuning and

Fyne’s BassTrax port diffuser to extract outstanding bass

performance from the traditional cabinet geometry.

At the heart of the Classic models is the latest IsoFlare

driver with FyneFlute surround mating the multi-fiber Low

Frequency drive unit cone with a 75mm titanium dome

and ferrite motor compression tweeter. The combination

delivers natural Isotropic sound radiation, giving a truly

spherical and time-aligned wavefront for incredible imaging

even off-axis. Each Classic crossover uses carefully

selected components optimized for each model and

lossless fine-tuning of the sound via the front-mounted



Available 2023. Intended for smaller spaces, this hand-built, traditionally shaped cabinet, comes packed with all Fyne’s technology.

The BassTrax porting system ensures that positioning from the boundary wall is less


DRIVER- 8”IsoFlare


IsoFlare Driver


BassTrax Porting

Presence Adjustment

HF Energy Adjustment