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Bakoon AMP 51R

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The AMP-51R is our next-generation flagship amplifier, born from years of experience and expertise in SATRI Circuit technology.

With our top-of-the-line SATRI-IC, MPU Controlled Stepped Attenuator, Zero Set Bias technologies, and all-new output stage topologies, the AMP-51R takes us and listeners to a whole new level. Precisely designed and machined aluminum cases ensure both beautiful aesthetics and functionality, with internal copper heatsinks and a remote controller.

It is designed to be one of a kind and our masterpiece. Like nothing, you have experienced before, so much more of the “Enlightenment” of the Bakoon sound.

Imagine the perfect amplifier you’ve always been dreaming of – the AMP-51R is even one giant step beyond that dream. For us and for you, and that is our promise.

The All-New Flagship Circuit

The AMP-51R uses our top-of-the-line SATRI-IC-UL and the latest generation bias control circuit with a more stable current source circuit which enhances the output stages’ performance. The circuit is further enhanced by greatly reducing the signal paths and interference between the components. The latest high power MOSFETs from EXICON are implemented together with the exclusive driver circuit which enables more stable output stage performance.

bakoon amp51 features

Complete Control

An all-new control circuit contributes to the AMP-51R’s stability by automatically protecting itself from AC input changes, DC output, and high temperature. It also detects the voltage fluctuations and controls the power supplies accordingly, so that the amplifier runs from the stable power supply at all times. An OLED display shows all the current status of the AMP-51R, and it is operated by two hidden knobs underneath the front panel or a remote controller

Bakoon complete control

50 Stepped Precision Attenuator Circuit

The MPU Controlled 50 Stepped Attenuator is implemented for the first time in Bakoon’s amplifier, with only the best available high precision resistors with 0.1% tolerance and 25 PPM/°C temperature coefficient. The new attenuator circuit ensures the best possible channel balance and signals purity.

 bakoon atenuator 

Extreme Mechanical Engineering

Bakoon’s expertise in mechanical engineering delivers a precise, yet beautifully finished case design – both inside and out. In order to transfer heat from the circuits more efficiently, there are two CNC machined copper heatsink blocks inside. Also, various heatsink patterns are machined throughout the exterior surfaces. The case itself is stabilized by three isolation feet, designed and positioned from meticulous calculations for the best anti-vibration performance.


Ultra-Low Noise Power Supply

Three separate power transformers are used for input stages, output stages, and control stages. For the first time in the Bakoon’s amplifier, a custom-made transformer from Plitron, boasting its lowest possible noise level. The power supply circuit also employs separate ultra-low noise regulator circuits to provide reliable power for the AMP-51R’s high precision circuits.

Bakoon ultra low noise



Maximum Power Output 100 watts in Stereo, 250 watts in Mono (8 Ω, 1 kHz)
Gain 26 dB max. (stereo), 32 dB max. (mono)
Gain Control MPU Controlled 50 Stepped Attenuator
Frequency Response 10 Hz ~ 500 kHz
Input 2 SATRI-LINK (BNC), 2 Voltage (RCA), 1 Mono Voltage (XLR)
Input Impedance 3.68 Ω (SATRI-LINK), 100 kΩ (Voltage)
Output 5 Way Binding Post
User Interface Encoders with OLED Display, Remote Controller
Signal/Noise Ratio (Output Noise) less than 1 mV (gain at + 0 dB)
DC Offset Drift less than 1 mV
Power Consumption 700 watts max.
Dimensions 425 mm (W) x 460 mm (D) x 114 mm (H)
Weight 30 kg (net), 33 kg (shipping)