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Ayre Acoustics AX-5 Twenty integrated Amplifier

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Designed and handbuilt in Boulder, Colorado—the 5 series has withstood the test of time as ultra-reliable, reference quality gear that has been heralded by reviewers worldwide for its superior musicality. Adhering to our philosophy of upgrading rather than obsolesence, each of the 5 series products receives perodic upgrades reflecting significant technical improvements we have discovered through our continued reasearch and developement. Every product in the 5 series is designed for a life time of musical enjoyment. Featuring Ayre's Double Diamond output stage, our exclusive EquiLock circuitry, and a Shallco solid-silver contact switch for gain control, this fully-discrete, fully-balanced, zero-feedback integrated amplifier provides a complete solution for your modern music system. The key to perfecting the AX-5 was to incorporate the Variable Gain Technology (VGT) of the award-winning Ayre KX-R preamplifier into the power amplifier section. The addition of ultra-transparent FET input selector switches completed the transformation of a basic power amplifier into a compact one-box solution which will become the heart of your high-performance audio system.  


  • Ayre’s Double Diamond output stage
  • Ayre’s exclusive Equilock circuit
  • AyreLock linear analog power supply
  • zero-feedback, fully-balanced discrete circuitry.
  • High-speed circuit board material
  • Custom developed audio-grade resistors
  • Ayre Conditioner power line RFI filter
  • AyreLink communication system


  Power Output 125 watts per channel continuous into 8 ohms 250 watts per channel continuous into 4 ohms Gain 26 dB Input Impedance 1 MΩ unbalanced inputs 2 MΩ balanced inputs (1 MΩ per phase) Frequency Response DC - 250 kHz Power Consumption 48 watts in low-current consumption mode 230 watts in operating mode, no signal Dimensions 17.25" W x 18.75" D x 4.875" H (44cm x 48cm x 12cm) Weight 48 pounds (22 kg)