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Avid Sigsum Integrated Amplifier

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The Sigsum Integrated Amplifier is a logical development of our cascading product design. In all our designs, we are driven by sound quality and an uncompromising approach to offer the best in category. Sigsum shares many of the extremely high-specification components found in our Reference electronics, every attribute to the highest order. Within an integrated amplifier there are four main building blocks; power supply, pre-amplifier topology, power amplifier and volume control. Like a jigsaw puzzle, every part needs to be perfect and then fit together perfectly, the weakest part letting everything down. In our obsession to offer the best we have not fallen short on any of these building blocks that make up this integrated amplifier. Power Supply; massive 1.1KVA mains transformer and large capacitors gives prodigious reserves and the sound has slam and low frequency control. Pre-amplifier topology; bespoke circuit design and components allowing faithful reproduction with limitless headroom. Power amplifier; directly scaled down reference power amplifier with the ability to drive all loudspeakers comfortably. Volume control; retaining possibly the world’s best control, the ALPS RK50 allows you hear every detail with such life and realism. And not forgetting our vinyl roots the built-in phonostage is the same as our award winning Pulsus phonostage. A passive RIAA (with Neumann HF correction) circuit using high-end capacitors, helps maintain linearity of reproduction and its own 35va mains transformer giving independent power to each channel. Fully flexible for any cartridge with gain and resistance easily adjustable. Like all our product's, Sigsum is passionately manufactured within our own facilities, everything from PCB assembly, testing and quality control to the high quality casework ensures a long-lasting reliable product, allowing you to rediscover your music collection. In a world of specifications and audio jewellery the Sigsum is old school passionate design done right. Just listen, you'll find no fake performance, just the ability to strike fire in the heart and tears of emotion.  


POWER Output: 110W 8 Ohms Harmonic distortion: 0.003% (80% power 8 Ohms 1kHz) Loudspeaker Impedance: 4-16 Ohms FRONT PANEL CONTROLS : ALPS RK 50 2 Gang Manual Volume Control : Selector Switch : Mute Switch : Mono Switch : Headphone Socket INPUTS PHONO: 2x RCA Gain: 48dB – 60dB – 70dB Input resistance: 100R – 300R - 500R – 1K – 5K – 10K – 47K Input capacitance: 100pF – 200pF – 500pF Distortion: Less than 0.001% RIAA Accuracy: 5Hz - 70kHz +/-0.5dB (Neumann HF correction) Noise (A weighted): MM –81dB MC –67dB (high setting) Channel separation: < -85dB 5Hz – 20KHz Power supply: Independant 35va transformer LINE: 4x XLR 4x RCA Nominal sensitivity: 340mV Volume Full 100W XLR Input resistance: 33 kOhms XLR 82 kOhms RCA Maximum input: 11 Vrms XLR Frequency response: 5Hz—over 80kHz ± 1dB Signal/noise ratio: 100 dB - XLR/RCA (Awtd) 50 W, ref. 1V input OUTPUTS: 4 x Gold Plated High Current Line level output: 2x RCA PREAMPLIFIER OUTPUT Nominal output level: 11 V Output impedance: 47 Ohms HEADPHONE OUTPUT Maximum output level into 600 Ohms: 10 V RMS Output impedance: 1 Ohm Load range: 20 — 600 Ohm POWER CONSUMPTION Input voltage (region dependent): 115V or 230V AC Power Consumption (Max) : 59 Watts No Signal Idle : 800 Watts Clipping 4 Ohm Load Mains input Socket: IEC C14 Type Mains input Cable: IEC C13 Type DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS Dimensions (including output terminals): 471 x 500 x 190mm (WxDxH) Net weight: 31.2kg (69lb) Packaging: 600 x 570 x 260mm (WxDxH) Shipping weight: 34.5kgKg (76lb)