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Avid Reference Four Loudspeaker

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Reference Four employs our unique cabinet construction and vibration damping techniques, sandwiching the drivers between metal plates and guiding unwanted resonances to our internal tuned mass damping element. Channeling unwanted vibration normally felt in the loudspeaker cabinet to our mass damping element means the cabinet, loudspeaker chassis and especially the diaphragm itself remains free of coloration and the sound remains pure and smooth. Matched to an appropriate room size it is more capable of performing to the same high levels as our other Reference loudspeakers. Manufactured from up to 15mm aerospace grade aluminum plate at our Huntingdon factory, each visually fixture-free handcrafted cabinet houses a 6" Mid/Bass unit and a natural sounding 28mm soft dome tweeter, each driver retaining the Titanium voice coil former for lightness and rigidity, identical to our other Reference models. The Reference Four cabinet is also reflex loaded, the bass drive unit optimized for low-frequency performance. A tuned port exits from below the cabinet onto a diffusing plate minimizing room positioning issues. Our dedicated optional stand is specifically designed to optimize the loudspeakers performance, combined with the ultra-rigid cabinet ensures a coloration free sound. Finished in Black the Reference Four establishes new standards and will have you rediscovering your music collection.  


Driver Configuration HF: 1 x 28mm (Titanium voice coil former) MF/LF: 1 x 160mm (75mm Titanium voice coil former) Frequency Response: 40Hz - 22kHz +/-3dB Sensitivity: 88dB 1W@1m Recommended Power: 40 - 300W Impedance: 6.5 Ohm Crossover Topology: 2 way, 2nd Order Cabinet Construction: Aluminium Plate. All internal volumes sealed with O-Ring gaskets Dimensions: (cabinet) 367 x 210 x 440 (HxWxD) (overall) 995 x 230 x 440 (HxWxD) Finishes: (cabinet) Black (spacers) Black, Red or Copper (options) Cabinet and trim finish Net weight: (loudspeaker) 25 KG (inc.stand) 40 KG Packaging: (Box 1) 620 x 510 x 310 (Box 2) 700 x 490 x 140 Shipping weight: 65 KG