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Avid Naim Slide

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The legendary Aaim Aro pick up arm was originally designed for the Linn turntable and cartridge. Over the years however, many have found there way onto other turntables and use other cartridges. Whilst pick up arms have continued to develop over the years the Aro has remained faithful to its original design with its positive and negative aspects in place. The Aro lacks overhang adjustment, which if incorrect will increase tracking distortion, a lack of cue device, a common facility on modern arms and no fixed arm rest. AVID's 'naim slide' addresses these issues, allowing the Aro arm to correctly accommodate any cartridge whilst fitted to one of our turntables. Overhang can be accurately set using our dedicated alignment protractor by simply sliding the arm base in relation to the record center. The cue mechanism allows the valuable cartridge to be lowered safely and the fixed armrest gives greater security whilst not in use. PLEASE NOTE: THE NAIM SLIDE IS DESIGNED FOR USE ON AVID TURNTABLES. WE CANNOT CONFIRM FITTING ONTO ANOTHER BRAND OF TURNTABLE