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Avid Isorak Stand

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Avid Isorak offers a high-quality solution for audio equipment support allowing the heights and number of shelves to be tailored to suit individual installations. In building a hi-fi system that is capable of extracting the optimum performance from each component, the importance of the support system cannot be overstated. Each shelf is precision machined, in either 30mm MDF or 26mm Oak veneered MDF - profiled to dissipate vibrations and prevent standing waves from forming. The usual configuration for stability is always three legs, however our four leg system allows easy access to certain types of equipment where the rear third leg is an obstruction, but still remaining stable as each spun 40mm solid aluminum leg is machined to a 0.1mm tolerance. Each solid aluminum leg is isolated at each termination point using our unique ball contact system. Purchased individually, each shelf simply stacks onto each other above the base section. Choose your Isorak color, choose your leg height and color, assemble and stack, designed to your own requirements. Five different lengths of leg are available, allowing a support system to be constructed to match virtually any combination of hi-fi components. Features include:
  • Thick solid shelves with resonance diffusion slots
  • Solid aluminum support poles
  • Steel bearing separation points
  • Incorporated cable management
  • Custom leg lengths available
  • Flat pack design
  • Exquisitely finished shelves in either Satin Black or Heritage Oak with support poles in metallic Silver or Black.
  Specifications - Isorak Width: 650.0mm Depth: 560.0mm Pole heights: 135 - 165 - 205 - 245 - 305mm Bottom pole height: 135.0mm Max. Tested load: 100 Kgs (220 Lbs) Packaging: (shelf) 750 x 640 x 45mm (WxDxH) (poles) 210 x 380 x 60mm (WxDxH) Shipping weight: (shelf) 8.0 KG (18Lbs) (poles) 5.0 KG (11Lbs)   Specifications - Isorak Mini Width: 550.0mm Depth: 475.0mm Pole heights: 135 - 165 - 205 - 245 - 305mm Bottom pole height: 135.0mm Max. Tested load: 100 Kgs (220 Lbs) Packaging: (shelf) 720 x 620 x 50mm (WxDxH) (poles) 370 x 210 x 50mm (WxDxH) Shipping weight: (shelf) 7.3 KG (16Lbs) (poles) 5.0 KG (11Lbs)