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Avid Celsus Pre Amplifier

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The Celsus Pre Amplifier incorporates our knowledge and technology from our Reference Pre Amplifier into a more affordable package. A cursory glance at the Celsus and you can see the same attributes and features have been passed down from our Reference Pre. Our cascading design approach means many design features and components from the Reference have been utilised to good effect. The Celsus Pre Amplifier is a fully balanced design to faithfully preserve and protect the delicate signal that is transmitted. Every input and output are optionally XLR or RCA, especially the phono input so the benefits of the phono cartridges balanced output can be realized. With the amplifier topology being fully balanced we incorporated the award-winning Pulsare II phonostage, with its exceptionally low noise and distortion. The convenient front panel controls operating relays for every adjustment mean the precious signal never leaves the main circuit board. This offers quick adjustability and the option that two cartridges can be connected simultaneously, it's ideal for those with stereo and mono cartridges. Mono can also be selected, catering for the growing interest in this playback style, helping to reduce distracting background noise. A Subsonic filter reduces unwanted low-frequency signal passing to the power amplifier due to warped records. Added to this there are effectively four-line level inputs, 2x XLR and 2x RCA to cater for additional sources. Two sets of main outputs allow mono or stereo-amplifiers to be powered in either balanced or single-ended configuration. The external power supply with its large 500VA mains transformer and dual capacitor reserve gives the sound impressive dynamics and control. Within the Celsus we have retained our own wound film capacitors with polypropylene dielectric developed for the Reference. With an obsession for perfection in the power supply and main circuit we did not want to limit the performance using a poor volume control. There is no ‘performance-limiting’ remote control motor with its field effects and digital circuits to crush the peaks and highs of sound. Using the exact same ALPS RK50, "King" of volume controls from the Reference Pre, the reward is a breath-taking perception of realism. The Celsus Pre Amplifier can open the door to exploring the detail and realism a music collection holds. Music can be an addictive drug and the Celsus Pre Amplifier will have you hooked into the early hours every day.  


FRONT PANEL CONTROLS : ALPS RK 50 4 Gang Manual Volume Control : Selector Switch : Mute Switch : Mono Switch : Subsonic Filter : Gain Selector : Resistance Selector : Capacitance Selector INPUTS PHONO: 2x XLR 2x RCA Gain: 48dB – 60dB – 70dB Input resistance: 100R – 300R - 500R – 1K – 5K – 10K – 47K Input capacitance: 100pF – 200pF – 500pF Distortion: Less than 0.001% RIAA Accuracy: 5Hz - 70kHz +/-0.5dB (Neumann HF correction) Noise (A weighted): MM –81dB MC –67dB (high setting) Channel separation: < -85dB 5Hz – 20KHz LINE: 4x XLR 4x RCA Nominal sensitivity: 340mV Volume Full 100W XLR Input resistance: 33 kOhms XLR 82 kOhms RCA Maximum input: 11 Vrms XLR Frequency response: 5Hz—over 80kHz ± 1dB Signal/noise ratio: 100 dB - XLR/RCA (Awtd) 50 W, ref. 1V input OUTPUTS Pre-amplifier output: 2x XLR 2x RCA Nominal output level: 11 V Output impedance: 47 Ohms POWER CONSUMPTION Power supply : Independant 500va transformer : 150,000uF Capacitor reserve Input voltage (region dependent): 115V or 230V AC Power Consumption (Max): TBC Watts No Signal Idle Mains input Socket: IEC C14 Type Mains input Cable: IEC C13 Type DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS Dimensions: Control unit - 469 x 484 x 196mm PSU - 469 x 458 x 129mm (WxDxH) Net weight: Control unit - 16Kg (35lb) PSU - 17Kg (38lb) Packaging: 590 x 550 x 370mm (WxDxH) Shipping weight: TBC Kg (TBC lb)