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Avantgarde Acoustics UNO FINO Edition Loudspeaker

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Reduction does not always mean simply omitting something. Reduction also creates awareness for essential things. Or simply put: reduction is concentration. In this sense, the UNO Fino Edition is designed as a concentrate, using the essence of the UNO line of speakers to accomplish a new entry point for the 'classic' horn speakers series of Avantgarde Acoustic. In essence: a gently minimized size, a deliberately simplified engineering, but still a maximized Avantgarde sound experience.  



The specifications speak for themselves: Unique 18 Ohm high-impedance voice coil design, combined with a breathtaking efficiency of 107 dB. Possibly some of the best specifications worldwide for a series production loudspeaker.
  • 107 dB efficiency
  • 18 Ohm drivers with double-ferrite magnets
  • 500 mm spherical midrange horn
  • CDC system w/o passive filter
  • 100 V CPC crossover design
  • subwoofer with DSP control
  • 1 x 10 inch bass drivers, bass reflex
  • 500 W bass amplifier

Midrange Driver

  • Horn type: Spherical horn
  • Horn material: ABS, pressure molded
  • Horn finish: polished and lacquered
  • Horn dispersion angle: 180 degrees
  • horn mouth area: 0,196 sqm
  • horn diameter: 500 mm
  • horn length: 280 mm
  • CDC (Controlled Dispersion Characteristic): yes
  • membrane diameter: 127 mm
  • membrane material: Soft Mesh
  • magnet material: Double-Ferrite

Tweeter Driver

  • Horn type: Spherical horn
  • Horn material: ABS, pressure molded
  • Horn finish: polished and lacquered
  • Horn dispersion: angle 180 degrees
  • Horn area: 0.013 sqm
  • Horn diameter: 130 mm
  • Horn length: 65 mm
  • Membrane diameter: 25 mm
  • Membrane material: Mylar
  • Magnet material: Ferrite

Subwoofer Driver

  • Driver diameter: 250 mm/10"
  • Membrane material: ladled paper
  • Magnet material: Ferrite
  • Drivers per subwoofer: 1

Subwoofer Amplifier

  • Amplifier power (RMS): 500 Watt, Class-D
  • Active crossover: programmable by built-in DSP
  • Subsonic filter: programmable by built-in DSP
  • 12V trigger input: yes
  • Limiter: yes
  • Programmable via LAN/USB: yes/yes
  • Inputs, switchable: 1 x speaker-level and 1 x XLR (f)
  • Loop-through output: 1 x XLR (m)

Mechanical Construction

  • Footing: 4 custom made spike cones with precision adjusting mechanism
  • Frame: Base frame from solid casted aluminum
  • Subwoofer cabinet: Reinforced construction from 30 mm MDF
  • Subwoofer front cover: Detachable cloth cover
  • Operation indicator: LED at subwoofer logo panel
  • Horn mounting: Threaded connection for midrange and tweeter horns
  • bass concept: bass reflex (down firing)