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Avantgarde Acoustics XA Preamplifier

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Who seriously resolves to rethink a matter, always has to start with the most difficult question of all. The question "Why?" Why do all conventional amplifiers have to battle with cross-zero distortions? Why are there no truly satisfying solutions to fight the contaminations of the public mains system? Why does one allow that electronic components resonate and thus distort the sound? And last but not least: Why do amplifiers all look alike? Questions which are still open and which served us as the starting point of likely one of the most ambitious projects in the history of amplification technologies: the XA PRE.    


Technical data do not always allow statements on the sound effect. But they provide information about the care an amplifier has been developed with:
  • 5 x 2300 mAh battery power supply
  • 48-step electronic volume control (1.5 steps)
  • DC-Flow circuitry (patent pend.)
  • 'Zero feedback' circuit design
  • LC filter stages for primary & secondary voltages
  • Line inputs: 5 x XLR
  • Line outputs: 2 x XLR Pre-Out
  • IR remote control
  • Individualised front parts: silver/black anodized, lacquered, veneered
  • 2-part aluminum cast chassis (42.5 kg)

Front Facia Colors:

  • Alu Black
  • Alu Silver
  • Sapphire Burma Blue
  • Smaragd Pearl Green
  • Saona Beach Cream
  • Light Topaz Blue
  • Light Amber Bronze
  • Stealth Nocturne Grey
  • Shiny Citrine Orange
  • Tiger Rosewood
  • Akoya Pearl White
  • Ruby Brilliant Red
  • Turmaline Vivid Black