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Avantgarde Acoustics TRIO LUXURY EDITION 26

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The TRIO from Avantgarde Acoustic is probably the most exhilarating speaker system of all time. An enduring icon of supreme craftsmanship and infinite precision. It has become an internationally recognized cult object, a design benchmark and a synonym of the perfect balance between purity and performance. So when we embark on a mission to refine the refined, you can expect a level of perfection never seen or heard of before – this is the story of the Trio Luxury Edition 26, STRICTLY LIMITED TO ONLY 26 PIECES to honor the Company’s 26th anniversary.  



  • 109 dB efficiency
  • 27 Ohm drivers with Strontium ferrite magnets
  • 180 mm spherical tweeter horn
  • 570 mm spherical midrange horn
  • 950 mm spherical low-midrange horn
  • 100 V CPC crossover design
  • Subwoofers available as separate units
  • TRIO horns available in 10 elegant standard colors
  • BASSHORN cabinet available in German smoked oak veneer
  • Gold option: 24K gold plated V2A steel parts & BASSHORN flare in brushed gold finish


Even more so than the choice of materials, the workmanship will determine how precious an object is perceived. Only when the veneer sheets are perfectly aligned, we will sense the warmth and durability of the precious German smoked oak surfaces. Only hand polishing the V2A stainless steel parts will single out the solidity and elegance of the material, augmented only by the optional 24K gold plating, another hand-made process. And even where just the ear will sense luxury, only a painstakingly monitored and precise winding process will finally render the pure and lucid sound that our hand made super-capacitors permit. True luxury knows only one goal: perfection.