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Avantgarde Acoustic Trio G3

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PASSIVE version.

Extremely easy to drive with 109 dB efficiency and 27 ohms impedance.

The ideal speaker for the best amplifiers in the world.

iTRON version.

We have developed integrated electronics based on fundamentally different electro-physical laws than any other amplifier on the market.

We have thus succeeded – as the first manufacturer worldwide – in bringing the approach of the current amplifier, which is considered to be perfect, to market maturity.

For a sound that sounds simply heavenly.

WIRELESS version.

Optionally with integrated network capability for direct streaming of content such as Tidal®, Spotify,® DLNA®, Roon®, Airplay® and others as a perfect plug & play system.

Press play on your phone and enjoy the incredible sound of the TRIO with the new iTron technology. No additional amplifiers, cables or other electronic devices. Everything is integrated in the modular unit of the speaker.

Listening to audiophile music can be so easy.

Module technology for diversity & timelessness.

Each model has an interchangeable technology module connected to the speaker via a multi-pin power connector. Therefore, it is easy to upgrade the passive loudspeaker with ITRON technology or the wireless module.

Even after many years, upgrading to the most modern digital technology available at that time is possible.

For a convincing sustainability of your investment – for generations to come.

G3 stands for "Generation 3", the successor and next step up from our acclaimed XD series. Starting with the original Generation 1 models in 1993, this is the second time in 30 years that our technologies and product platforms have been completely renewed. The G3 Series takes the nature horn principle to its (il)– logical extreme: sheer musical power unleashed through unbridled efficiency coupled with an extended frequency range. Combing the TRIO G3 with the SpaceHornAA bass units – the state-of-the-art development of our legendary BassHorn – delivers a unique and immersive musical experience. Optional with the iTRONAA fully active modules, our patented GameChanger technology, with which we directly control the acceleration of the membranes through a perfectly orchestrated current flow for a perfect, distortion-free, crystalline, natural sound that almost sounds live. Incredible detail, stunning dynamic range – both loud and soft – fabulous spaciousness, and huge, customizable bass performance – that's the G3 Series. G3 series. 38–39 E


New generation Evolution drivers for increased dynamics, lower distortion, and even purer sound. • Innovative XT3 tweeter with new ‘Long Throw’ Horn, extended Supertweeter frequency range, and record–breaking distortion values. • Co–planar arrangement for the acoustic center of all drivers for stunning musical and spatial coherence. • NatureCapAA, Avantgarde’s unique, proprietary super-capacitor, with outstanding specs and incredibly delicate sound. • Optional patented and fully active iTRONAA Current Drive for perfect control of driver output and the ultimate sound. • Iconic and instantly recognizable design language, combined with future–proof modular technology for easy, future electronic upgrades. • SpaceHornAA, the state–of–the–art evolution of our legendary BassHorn for even greater musical clarity and accuracy. • New elegant color and design options for an even more individual configuration of your dream loudspeaker. 

Design. THE STYLE ICON AMONG THE SUPERLOUDSPEAKERS. The G3 Series opens a new passage in the TRIO story after 30–years, a third iteration, and a third chapter of the legend. The new TRIO G3 – is ultramodern and functional as it is timeless in design. A loudspeaker that communicates its brand identity and performance promise through its appearance: "Listen & Love." A loudspeaker that sounds like it looks. A loudspeaker that looks as good as it sounds! In designing the TRIO G3, we faced the challenge of combining our new horn profiles and adjustable, phase–coherent alignment with the TRIO’s powerfully established aesthetic identity. Then we had to incorporate the modular, upgrade-able electronics package without diluting the original design's clean lines and aesthetic purity. We like the strong, masculine look of the electronics module – technical, powerful, linear, monolithic – the discrete cooling fins reinforcing. the vertical lines of the frame, subtly suggesting the latent power present. Then there’s the aesthetic tension between the solid, straight-edged rigor of the electronics module inside and the dynamic flow of the tweeter’s angled and cantilevered mounting on the outside: a beautiful contrast between the closed surface on the one side and the open structure on the other. The striking lines of the tweeter frame are formed from a continuous aluminum profile with concealed internal cable routing. The 35-degree cantilever breaks the vertical lines and draws the eye, balancing the whole by emphasizing and focusing attention on the smallest of the three spherical horns. It’s an eye-catcher – just as dynamic, exciting and striking visually as it is musically. Spacehorn. THE LEGENDARY BASSHORN RE–BOOTED. Bass horns are the pinnacle of loudspeaker design. No other subwoofer system is remotely comparable. For the music connoisseur, no other solution comes close and every audiophile dreams of experiencing a big, horn–loaded bass system at least once in their life. Developing a bass horn is the greatest technological challenge for loudspeaker designers. As Harry F. Olson, the audio pioneer par excellence, warned: "The design of a horn loudspeaker is usually a long and tedious task". When we launched our original Avantgarde BassHorn more than 20 years ago, we created a legend – an overnight sensation: a horn–a loaded bass system that, with its radical design, eclipsed everything that had been available until then. A bass unit that finally matched the TRIO System’s iconic status, catapulting it beyond state–of–the–art. Since 2001, we have had the pleasure of installing BassHorn systems worldwide. We have been able to analyze the frequency response measurements, received feedback from our customers, and learned. And so, we have accumulated a unique store of experience and know-how over time. Time then – in our opinion – to take the next step and further perfect the concept. As the second generation, the SpaceHornAA embodies all the knowledge and experience gathered through developing and working with the BassHorn system for over 20–years. Technology is inspired by the past but is still ahead of its time.

The perfect crossover.

With our SphericLowCut filter, the Airgate technology, and the PolarizationPlus circuit, we have realized the most innovative technological concepts in our passive crossover.

These are completed with the highest quality components available. Our new NatureCap is an extremely intricately designed capacitor, handmade in Germany. Instead of using ultra-thin plastic foils vaporized with aluminum, the electrodes are made of precisely rolled aluminum foil. As dielectric, we use a cellulose fiber compound impregnated by biological oils. The NatureCap is approx. 25 x larger than the capacitors from the XA series and is stably attached to the circuit board via specially manufactured brackets.