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AUDEZE Reference Series LCD-X

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This is our most popular headphone, driven by its popularity with audiophiles, but especially music producers and mastering engineers. Its overall tonality is neutral, which helps ensure that music mixed on
it will translate across most speaker systems. The LCD-X's excellent transient response and accuracy allow producers and mastering engineers to hear all the details in their mixes. And with the LCD-X, you can hear their recordings as they intended.

• The LCD-X Premium Edition comes with both Balanced and Single-ended cables, the 1/4" to 1/8" stereo adapter, and our premium travel case.
• The LCD-X Creator Edition comes with the Standard Single-ended cable and our new economy travel case.

  • Extra-large 106mm planar drivers tuned for accuracy, built for precision
  • Open-back design for natural soundstage and spatial positioning
  • Highly efficient, easy to drive from any interface, console, or device
  • Includes our braided OCC copper 4-pin XLR combo cable with single-ended 1/4" adapter and standard LCD travel case

LCD-X leverages patented Audeze technologies, including Ultra-Thin Uniforce™ diaphragms, Fazor waveguides, and powerful neodymium magnets to deliver extremely accurate and detailed sound. The sophisticated planar magnetic drivers achieve high efficiency with low impedance, such that LCD-X can deliver great sound from nearly any device with a headphone output. Together, these innovations enable audio professionals to efficiently get their mix done right in a variety of settings.

Audeze has improved the LCD-X over the years, lowering the weight and increasing comfort. It features a suspension headband for even weight distribution and highly cushioned premium earpads for support. The neutral tuning and low distortion prevent listening fatigue, so those late-night sessions never have to end.



Style- Over-ear, open-back

Transducer type- Planar Magnetic

Magnetic structure- Proprietary magnet array

Phase management- Fazor

Magnet type- Neodymium N50

Diaphragm type- Ultra-Thin Uniforce

Transducer size- 106 mm

Maximum SPL- >130dB

Frequency response- 10Hz - 50kHz

THD- <0.1% @ 100 dB SPL

Sensitivity- 103 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)

Impedance- 20 ohms

Max power handling- 5W RMS

Min recommended power- > 100mW

Recommended power level- >250mW

Cable- 1.9m (6.2ft) length, XLR termination with Single-ended 1/4" (6.3mm) adapter

Wire material- 20 AWG high-purity OCC audio-grade copper

Weight- 612g

Material Leather, Leather, Leather Free, Leather Free
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