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Vivid Audio GIYA G1 Spirit


The GIYA G1 Spirit is the ultimate expression of our philosophy. It’s our flagship loudspeaker, bringing together the very best of everything we’ve ever created. For those who care most deeply about music, design, engineering, reputation or all of the above, the G1 Spirit represents the only and obvious choice. A peerless pedigree, irreproachable technology, and the most spectacular sound quality obtainable at this – or perhaps any – price. A true joy to own, for a lifetime of listening pleasure.

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Our largest, most imposing loudspeaker, the G1 Spirit is worthy of its pinnacle position in the GIYA range. Like all GIYA speakers, it owes its striking design to a simple but profound idea: that curved surfaces and smooth lines produce a cleaner, more transparent and more honest sound than conventional flat planes and angles. A true four-way system, the G1 Spirit uses five separate drivers to bring you the most seamless, transparent sound you’ve ever experienced, revealing your favourite music in more detail than you ever imagined possible.


The massive internal volume gives the G1Spirit the most powerful bass performance of all our loudspeakers. But it goes far beyond mere weight of sound. Thanks to our patented reaction-cancelling bass drivers, you can hear every note clearly and individually exactly as it was played, free from distortion or muddiness. The same applies to the mid-range and high frequencies, where our patented Tapered Tube loading eliminates the resonances that add unwanted colour to the sound.


The GIYA G1 Spirit isn’t the kind of loudspeaker that sits quietly in a corner: it’s a bold statement piece that commands attention. You can choose from two classically elegant standard finishes – Pearl White and Piano Black – with myriad other colours available as bespoke options. However, their real genius is that when you listen to them, they all but vanish: the technology works so seamlessly, smoothly and precisely, you’re simply not aware of it. The fourth wall between you and the original performance disappears, and it’s just you and the music, exactly as it was meant to be.
Specifications Vivid Audio GIYA G1 Spirit
Configuration 4-way 5 driver system
Cabinet material Glass reinforced balsa cored sandwich composite Cabinet colour Piano Black, Pearl Bespoke colour Available on request Drive units HF: D26 – 26mm metal dome unit with Tapered Tube loading Mid: D50 – 50mm metal dome unit with Tapered Tube loading Lower-mid: C125-75s, 125mm alloy/carbon diaphragm with 75mm voice coil Bass: 2 x C225-100, 225mm alloy diaphragm with 100mm voice coil in 45mm gap Bass loading Exponentially Tapered Tube enhanced bass reflex Sensitivity 92dB @ 2.83VRMS at 1m on axis Nominal impedacnce (Ω) 6 nominal, 3 minimum at 20 KHZ no phase shift at Zmin Frequency range (Hz) – 6dB points: 25 – 36,000 Hz First D26 Break Up mode: 44,000 Hz Frequency response 29 – 33,000 Hz +/- 2dB on reference Harmonic distortion (2nd and 3rd harmonics) < 0.3% over frequency range Cross over frequencies (Hz) 220 – 880 – 3,500 Power handling (music programm) watts rms 1600 Loudspeaker dimensions 1,600mm (H) x 440mm (W) x 820mm (D) Net weight 80kg (86kg with cross over)