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Harbeth P3ESR XD Loudspeakers

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Olive Ash
Black Satin


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Amazing space-saving sound THE BEST ITERATION OF THE 'BBC MINI-MONITOR', BY FAR Harbeth’s development team has, once again, redefined what is possible from this use anywhere loudspeaker. The completed redesign maximizes the performance potential of the Harbeth exclusive 110mm RADIAL2™ Cone Technology – delivering breathtaking transparency, accurate bass, and dynamic integration across the audio spectrum. Arguably one of the most advanced speakers in its class, the P3ESR XD is capable of being used in a wide range of listening environments and is optimized to present an easy electrical load to even low-powered amplifiers. Get ready to re-experience your music collection from one of the most groundbreaking speakers ever released by Harbeth. The P3ESR XD allows for effortless integration into any modern listening space. with its low-power amplifier requirement and unmatched audio clarity, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite music with top-tier quality.


Two-way Design, Vented ;(1) 19mm ferrofluid-cooled tweeter
(1) 110mm Harbeth RADIAL2TM bass/midrange

  • Frequency Response: 75Hz – 20kHz, ±3dB free-space; grille on
  • Smooth off-axis response; Sensitivity: 83 dB/2.83V/1m axial
  • Impedance: 6 ohms – Easy to drive! ; Weight: 6.1kg each
  • Dimensions: 306 x 190 x 184 mm; +12mm for grille and binding posts
  • Optimally Stands should bring Tweeter to ear height.
  • P3ESR XD Tweeter: 230mm up from cabinet base
  • Space needs: Optimum > 0.30m from rear wall

Handmade in the UK; available in the following wood veneer finishes below: 



    Color Cherry, Walnut, Rosewood, Olive Ash, Black Satin