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AVIDHIFI combines powerful design with sonic precision. AVIDHIFI's exceptional audio equipment nurtures a tradition of engineering innovation and scrupulous attention to detail that is universally recognized as a world-class HIFI audio equipment brand.

Over the coming years, starting from scratch, Conrad re-examined and questioned every element of existing turntable design and manufacture, even when the textbooks said impossible. He soon realized that all turntables were limiting their true fidelity, typically because they concentrated on the technical values of rumble, wow, and fluttered measurements without attacking the real problem: vibration!

Family connections provided Conrad with access to universities that wanted to test his new theories, patents were applied for, and the young man even started working in a foundry to better understand the process of casting metals. Little by little new designs emerged, step by step, a radical project moved from paper into production, and after almost two decades, the Acutus turntable was born. Not an improvement over existing decks but a true innovation.

Today, the company has fulfilled Conrad’s dream of designing a complete analog audio system, from ‘groove to ear’.  From cartridges and cables, amplifiers and speakers and now everything in-between, AVID is universally recognized as providing the pinnacle of listening pleasure through unstinting research and development in sound engineering.

Operating from two factories in England, with distribution across some 50 countries, the AVID team is dedicated to pushing physical and technical barriers in search of more than just sound quality and flawless design. Music should be an experience to savor and remember, captivating you and opening up thrilling new sound barriers every time you relax and unwind.

Today, Conrad is the CEO of the company he founded back in 1995. But he is a CEO with a difference, remaining at the cutting edge of every innovation in equipment that now takes the listener all the way, from vinyl record to final sound.

AVID a complete and completely engrossing experience.

Made in England, valued throughout the World

Obsession runs through our DNA, an obsession to reach perfection.

Not trusting others, we design and build virtually every single component ourselves to ensure we maintain total control over every stage of the process. Our CNC machines are built to tolerances that are micrometers thin yet military-grade robust, our circuitry delivers incredible performance, and every finished part is scrutinized by experts with decades of knowledge and experience.