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The Vivid Audio GIYA G2 Loudspeakers

The petite nature of the Vivid Audio GIYA G2 loudspeakers do not take anything away from its quality delivery in the sound department. Rather it refines the path its predecessor, the GIYA G1 loudspeakers, set. There are cutbacks though but they are more aesthetically-focused than otherwise; noticeably, these cutbacks are in height and volume, as much as 80% in both areas.

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Build and Tech


Built as a 4-way 5 driver system that looks like the G1 and G1 Spirit, these loudspeakers, which weigh 45kg, have most of the technology from its predecessors and larger models from the Vivid Audio. 

Shape-wise, the GIYA G2 retains the distinguishing floor standing shape; this shape takes after a Kegel/skittle also known as a bowling pin and depending on what side you stand on, the shape is either to love and die for - especially if you are into bowling - or to loathe. In terms of peerless sound quality delivery, the results remain the same.


Default Colors and more


GIYA G2 loudspeakers come as a preselection between these default colors: Pearl White, Piano Black and Oyster Matte. However, if these colors are boring for you, the Vivid Audio team makes a space for you with the custom option (bespoke color) which is only available on request and means an additional time for delivery.


Sound Perspective


From a sound perspective, your original studio songs, podcasts and other sounds stay the way they are meant to be - and really, when it comes to sounds, songs and podcasts, that is all you need. No additional layer ofunique tones to pep it up. With the GIYA G2 loudspeakers, you stay in tune to the original source without any spicing. Precise clarity and quality over all additions.

Call us today at 941-932-0282 to purchase the Vivid Audio GIYA G2. And if you need help, we offer after sales tech support. Should you decide to pay us a visit instead, you can find us at 7353 International Place, Unit 309, Sarasota, FL 34240 but we strongly suggest booking an appointment via before visiting.