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Avantgarde Acoustics Trio Luxury Edition 26

The Trio Luxury Edition 26 offers exhilarating sound from a premium speaker that has almost gained cult icon status. It embodies superb craftsmanship and precise engineering to provide the perfect balance of purity and performance. It is being offered in a 26-unit edition to celebrate Avantgarde’s 26th anniversary.

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Perfection in design and execution of the Trio Luxury Edition 26 shows throughout the speakers; perfectly aligned veneer sheets using German smoked oak woods, hand-polished V2A stainless steel parts, optional 24-carat gold plating also hand-applied, and precisely wound hand-made supercapacitors.

Some of the specifications of the Trio Luxury Edition 26 include:

  • Efficiency 109 dB
  • Up to 27 ohm drivers
  • 100 V CPC crossover design
  • Footing using custom-made V2A spike cones with precision adjusting mechanism
  • Base and frame rail from solid V2A stainless steel
  • Internal damping mats
  • Pressure-molded ABS low-range speaker with a strontium ferrite magnet and soft mesh membrane
  • Spherical horn pressure-molded ABS tweeter with a ferrite magnet and Mylar membrane
  • Spherical horn pressure-molded ABS midrange with a strontium ferrite magnet and coated PEEK membrane
  • Subwoofers available as separate units
  • Trio horns are available in 10 color choices
  • Optional 24-carat gold-plated V2A stainless steel parts and the Basshorn flare in a brushed gold finish

Avantgarde Acoustics has a passion for creating the ultimate in quality and performance in the super-speaker class today and ongoing. They strip away all that is unnecessary while perfecting all components in their design, resulting in speakers that have made Avantgarde Acoustic the touchstone of speaker technology today. Please review our Avantgarde speakers at today or call 941-932-0282 today for more information.